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1. Miracle Golf Tee
2. Divot Tool serves best
3. Portable Golf Caddy

4. Wet & Dry Towel for golf

5. Shirt with Cooling Collar


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Portable golf caddy

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Portable Golf Caddy : "Forget-Me-Not"

This invention is made after losing golf clubs during play. Especially, when exited with a nice shot or a bad shot, or when tired, completely forget to pick up clubs from the ground. Also dews are still on the ground in early tee off.


So, in hope to solve the above problems, wired club stand to stay in golf bag as towel holder is created.


  • Prevents losing clubs at the golf course.
  • Works as a towel hanger in golf bag.
  • Towel hangs wrincleless on golf bag.
  • Prevents grips from getting wet.
  • Easy to recover lost clubs at golf course.
  • Patented
  • Movie through Youtube
  • Details

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lost clubs

How to use
Wet & Dry Towel
Clean Balls

Near and far side

Wet & Dry Towel

Wet part of towel dries up quickly.
Wet towel must be hanged on far side of golf bag.

Hoping to keep towel wet all day to clean clubs and balls and design to hang on the invented club stand.


  • Keeps a portion of Towel wet all day long in the water proof pocket. 
  • Prevents clothes from getting wet and dirty.
  • One side is for dry hands and face. The other side is kept wet for cleaning balls and clubs.
  • Patent pending
  • Movie through Youtube
  • Details:



wet towelGreen clean
The Miracle Golf Tee - Patented


The Miracle Golf Tee

Golf tee brakes or is lost. We must carry many golf tees in a pocket. Now you only carry one tee for driver shits for all year use.
EcoPlease consider the environment.

With hope to eliminate broken, search for lost tee, instead gain 4 benefits listed below in one piece golf tee unit;
USPTO Patent # : 7604554


Evolution - The ultimate divot tool


Vertical blades=No more brown spots covering divots with turf instead of the soil and roots.

All divot repair tools are designed to dig out roots and soil to the surface to create more brown spots in a green and cost to maintain.
Traditional Divot Repair Tool samples:
The problem with Traditional Divot Tool.

Solution: Turf stretch blades
We believe this is the ultimate tool to replace the old types as time goes by;

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Shirts with cooling colors

Shirt with cooling Collar and cooling pockets

Problems and solution episode:
When temperature went up over 90 degrees in June, I was in Senior US-Open Sectional qualifier wearing turtle neck by mistake and started to lose focus during play. I asked my wife to get ice cubes and put them under turtle neck collar to regain my focus and the same day I drove back to NYC from Rochester using ice cubes in my neck. I couldn't do those in the same day without ice cubes around my neck.

Prevents us from heat exhaustion and allows to maintain focus on the work in heat;
Because we can't carry Air Condition in the field, this is the most effective tool to chill head through 2 main blood vessel running up to brain and nerve systems at neck section to fight against Heat Exhaustion caused by "Sensory Adaptation "; so called
"The Boiled Frog (Human) Phenomenon".

For USGA Golf Tournament :
conforms the USGA RULES


retired Judge Dale


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